News & Updates

Board of Directors Minutes

Oak Shores 9 HOA

December 3, 2012


Board members present:

Jackie Oelfke, Reggie Frazier, Alice Brown, Kim O’Connor

Oak Shore 9th Representative present:

Dan Fredrickson,


 Homeowner present:

No homeowners present


Peggy Bushee Services, Inc. Representatives:

Cindy Jenneke


Meeting called to order at 7:30 pm


Approval of November Minutes – The minutes of the last meeting were reviewed. Motion was made, seconded and carried to approve minutes.


Financial Report – The November financials were reviewed by the Board.  Total Income was $6,635.24 and Expenses were $6,972.13.



Officer’s Reports – As of December 3, 2012, there are still 3 units who have yet to pay their assessments. Those who have not yet paid will be assessed with a fine. A penalty will be assessed $25.00 each month will be added to the assessment until it is paid in full.


Old Business – Sadly there have been no homeowners volunteering to serve the Board of Directors. After the first of the year another email blast and general mailing will go out to the homeowners.


New Business – Unit 44 is currently being cared for by a relative. Winterization of the unit will be required; PBSI to speak with the relative to get permission to enter the unit for winterizing.

The homeowner at 15745 is currently working out a payment plan as well as a late fee plan with Peggy Bushee Services and the Board of Directors.


Mediation is tentatively scheduled in Edina for January 28, 2013. The following information was added to the November minutes to go to all of the homeowners updating the upcoming arbitration:

Important Mediation Update


On January 28th, 2013, mediation will take place between Oak Shores 9th and the opposing parties in our roof issue lawsuit.  Dan Fredrickson will be in attendance at this mediation.  As a reminder, Dan Fredrickson has volunteered to represent Oak Shores 9th in this lawsuit.  Also, he has been voted in by the board to hold the power of representing Oak Shores 9th and make binding decisions during this lawsuit.


If after mediation, neither party comes to an agreement, our trial will continue as planned in March of 2013.


Any questions you do have, you can email (no phone calls please) the office at so that they can forward your questions onto the board.  Please give the board a week to respond to your question.  



1)      The Board is still looking for a new Board Member. After the first of the year a notice will once again go out to all homeowners inviting them to join.

2)      A reminder to all - When the snow starts to fly, there will be absolutely NO PARKING in the turn arounds. Von Banks will call PBS to report anyone parked in these locations. Cars can and will be towed.

3)      Remember, NO Heat cables not allowed.

4)      All homeowners and their renters must be in compliance with the Rules and Regulations. NO EXCEPTIONS!



Management Report –


Previous Board Meeting: Cindy Jenneke was in attendance.


42 Maple Island Road – letter sent to have couch removed from under deck. Fines will begin if not moved by 12/15/2012


Homeowners of 36 Maple Island Road sent a letter requesting the renters clean up under the deck and removed the fire pit. The fire pit was given until 12/09 and the area under the deck was given until 12/15 before fines would be imposed.


Architectural Request for Satellite Dish install on 4 Maple Island Road. Board approved via email. Notified homeowner that install must be same in appearance, no visible cables.


Meeting adjourned at 8:30 pm.


Meeting Schedule – January 7, 2013 at 7:00 pm at PBSI

         February 4th 7:00 pm at PBSI

                                  March 4th 7:00 pm at PBSI

Respectfully submitted,

Cindy Jenneke

Peggy Bushee Services, Inc.


1) The roofs are NOT LEAKING! This is always a positive sign.

2) All homeowners and their renters must be incompliance with the Rules and Regulations. NO EXCEPTIONS! If you need a copy of the Rules and Regulations, please contact PBSI so that one can be provided to you. It is the homeowners’ responsibility to keep your renters in “the loop”

3) The snow plows are doing a very nice job, just remember vehicles MUST be moved prior to plowing. If t he plow needs to return the homeowner will be charged back for a return trip.

5)      There are two new homeowners at #4 and #15745. Give them a warm welcome.

6)      There is a barrel of 80/20 sand/salt by unit#26. Please help yourself to cover your icy spots.